Launch of an international artist’s residency in Auroville!

18 September 0

We are excited to announce the launch of “La Petite Maison”, an international artist’s residency in Auroville! 

La Petite Maison invites visiting artists to produce original work inspired by their experience of Auroville, in partnership with Auroville’s art galleries, collective art studios, and production workshops, fostering artistic innovation, research, and creativity. 

La Petite Maison was established this year by Bhakti Mills, a graphic designer and illustrator, and founding member of The Bridge team. Bhakti was born and raised in Auroville, went to art school in Paris, and studied Graphic Design in Brussels, where she co-founded poucepied, a graphic design and illustration studio. 

Bhakti moved back to Auroville in 2017, where, missing the arts scene of Paris and Brussels, she was inspired to launch an arts residency. Selected artists for 2019 are Iris Pouy, Mario D’Souza, and Salah-Dine Benykhlek.

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